My Story

Hannah Yahya Hassan is a Glasgow based performer, writer, theatre deviser and arts consultant. She is represented by Inclusive Talent. 

Born in Bahrain to a Scottish mother and Bahraini father, she fell in love with theatre when she first read Macbeth at age 8. She pursued this passion as much as she could in the Middle East, before moving onto Canterbury to study Theatre and Literature at the University of Kent. It is here that she learnt more about her identity than she ever planned on doing.

After graduating, she went onto work with Ramps on the Moon and train with Graeae down in England before moving back up to Scotland: The Motherland.

In 2019, she went on an ACE tour with The Stealth Aspies, a theatre company she became a founding member of while at university. Later that year, she toured again, with Scottish Youth Theatre’s national ensemble with Act of Repair, directed by Brian Ferguson.

As of 2020, she has toured with Fault Lines by Two Destination Language and has joined the Scottish Neurodiverse Performance Network (SNPN).

She holds making accessible theatre at the heart of her practice, which is why she also works as a Youth Arts Consultant for Birds of Paradise Theatre Company. To find out more about this, click the button below.

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Hannah peaks from behind a statue